I founded the Carnival of MS Bloggers in 2007 to connect the growing MS Blogging Community. My vision was to become the central hub where bloggers could find each other and to feature a collection of independent patient voices.

As larger MS organizations have also begun to feature patient voices on their own websites in recent years, the Carnival of MS Bloggers is no longer the single driving force in serving this wonderful community. For that we should all be grateful.

Thank you for continuing to support me in this one-person labor of love over the years. As of now, I will be taking a break from hosting the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

Please feel free to continue to email me to alert me to new MS blogs to add to the comprehensive MS Blogging Community index.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Carnival of MS Bloggers #125

Welcome to the Carnival of MS Bloggers, a bi-weekly compendium of thoughts and experiences shared by those living with multiple sclerosis.

Synchronicity and Balance

by Lisa of Brass and Ivory: Life with MS and RA

Today's date is 10-11-12.
On its own that's pretty cool.
But knowing that it's only
9 days until our wedding is even better.

10.11.12 + 9 = 10.20.2012

by Mary of Travelogue for the Universe

on Steroids.

Another Concept
referred to  by
Edgar Cayce
and other mystics
and dreamers.

Do you ever
open a book and find
it is exactly where you wanted to be?

Do you ever get somewhere and find something
you needed and yet were not looking for it?

Do you ever paint a picture,
What is it that
you are trying to say,
and when you are done,
You see the results,
so obvious,
a perfect result,
then you show another person
and they are affected,
with the emotion you had,
brush in hand, struggling to find the right
colors, strokes, tempo,
and you see the message as a thread
between you and another person,
and you see how special it is
that this whole experience even happened
as it was meant to be,
The Timing felt so right,
That is

by Alison of Beauty and meaning in a broken world

7 things that I hate about putting my medications for the week into my pill box:
1. It takes a long time.
2. It reminds me that I have a lot of medical problems.
3. There are too many tablets and the lids hardly close.
4. There is a lot to remember and keep track of. Do I need a refill? Will I get it on time?
5. They are small and fiddly and I keep dropping them.
6. They make me dizzy, unfocussed and unable to have more than 1 glass of wine.
7. They remind me that I have MS.

5 things I love about my tablets:
1. They cheer me up.
2. They reduce my pain.
3. They make it managable to go out in public.
4. They let me sleep at night.
5. They help me survive.

This concludes the 125th edition of the Carnival.  The next Carnival of MS Bloggers will be hosted here on October 25, 2012. Please remember to submit a post (via email) from your blog of which you are particularly proud, or which you simply want to share, by noon on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

Thank you.