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Thank you for continuing to support me in this one-person labor of love over the years. As of now, I will be taking a break from hosting the Carnival of MS Bloggers.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Carnival of MS Bloggers #128

Welcome to the Carnival of MS Bloggers, a bi-weekly compendium of thoughts and experiences shared by those living with multiple sclerosis.
Happy Thanksgiving

from the life well lived blog

I was a bit surprised when J suggested maybe A was ready for some more adult prayers. When asked, she meant the more adult prayers where we tell God what we want or need. I was kind of taken aback. I haven’t prayed that way since hearing a Riverdale Baptist high school soccer coach lead his team in prayer before playing us by asking God to grant them victory, and then leading them in a public confessional to try and explain why God had let them lose to us.

Somehow keeping my relationship with God one where I can simply be thankful for all I have been given seems more my speed. If my wife or kids ever ask for an older prayer, I suppose I could lead them in a “Pater Noster” or an “Our Father” with or without the “for thine is the kingdom...”

Until then, I will keep my prayers to what I know.
  • I am thankful for every day spent with a family who love and forgive me.
  • I am thankful for the resilience of mind and body my kids show daily.
  • I am thankful for a home in which to be comfortable.
  • I am thankful for the love of our three dogs and the riches they imply we have.
  • I am thankful for a job on which I am still challenged to learn something new every day.
  • I am thankful for friends always there in time of need.
  • I am thankful for the advances in medical technology allowing me to even consider running a half marathon in a couple of weeks after seven and a half years of MS.
  • I am thankful for every sunrise and sunset.
  • For every beginning, middle and end I witness,
Thank you.

by Lorraine of I'm a Scatterbrain

These are giant community compost bins; empty, they each weigh half a ton. This is a little ways downtown from me... and on the river, so also three "long" blocks away from me.

I realized the the MS society fitness thingys began at the start of October, and this time I can't blame my laxness on their SHITTY web site.

Even so, these things run vaguely once a week, with no clear reason why some weeks are off, to it is a fucking pain in the ass to enter them all in Google Calendar. Yes, I love my abductors, total Stockholm Syndrome, and Google knows all my teensiest bits of data.

This is an example of my occasional yearning to have a smart job again, I would like to make the MS web events be "google-calendar" accessible. I thought I could go back to web-D when I was unable to tend bar because of MS, I thought, well, I'll just teach myself the new web coding just like I taught myself the old coding.

This photo (left) is by my downstairs neighbor, Eak the Geek.

The next day he, Jennifer Blowdryer and I went to the Key Food to get food out of the giant dumpster (they couldn't give it away in case it was rotten, but tons of it was frozen, anyway, I didn't want to eat, just see the spectacle). I would like to train myself out of saying wrong things, like "tons," or "a lot," but in this case it seems fitting?

He was away at law school and I wanted to get ahold of him for some co-op reason (I was on the board of directors, ha ha, back then), and HE the reason I first went on Facebook, because where ELSE could he be? ... Well, myspace wasn't quite dead yet.

J. B. and  I ended up being foul weather friends and having too much wine and going to see all the trashed areas in our tiny neighborhood.

The blackout here was from Monday to Saturday, and we were up and down the stairs between our two apartments for silly projects like prying open an old boom box to add batteries for radio or what...

what else??? there was so much nothing we did in the dark together.

Actually, I had more social life after the storm, in the dark, than any time since Charlie...

Charlie called me several times before the storm and after. He still calls me Hon and Babycat, which makes my spirits SOAR.

Not for long of course, and when my mood crashed it was very easy to brood in the darkness about a-a-a-all the bad things in life. Like Indian Point being not that far away, and right after Japan, no wonder I dwelt.

I told EVERYONE that I was nowhere near the storm, but today I put this on my brother's Fbook -- Hey T, this was nine "short" blocks from my place (don't tell Mom or Dad, BWAH ha ha ha)


This concludes the 128th edition of the Carnival.  The next Carnival of MS Bloggers will be hosted here on December 6, 2012. Please remember to submit a post (via email) from your blog of which you are particularly proud, or which you simply want to share, by noon on Tuesday, December 4, 2012.